Fantasy League

Trowbridge Cricket Club Fantasy Cricket 2019

Fantasy cricket is back for 2019, with a new provider, rules and scoring system.

To access the league and register your team, follow this link:

Team entry will be £15 per team for the season - 50% of all monies collected will be paid out as prize money with the remaining 50% going towards the club (prize money structure TBC - dependent on number of entrants).

Each team will be made up of 11 players, limited to a maximum of;

  • 5 x Batsmen

  • 5 x Bowlers

  • 3 x All Rounders

  • 1 x Wicket Keeper

All teams must select at least one player from each category. Each team can select a captain who will earn double points each week (you may change your captain each week). Team managers will be able to boost their captain to receive triple points for one week only at any point during the season.

All players values have been calculated based on an average of their performances during the 2016, 2017 and 2018 season(s).

Points scoring will be as per the below, calculated from Saturday league fixtures only:


  • 1 point per run scored

  • 10 points for a not out

  • 20 bonus points for 50+

  • 40 bonus points for 100+

  • -20 points for a duck


  • 15 points per wicket

  • 30 bonus points for 5+ wickets

  • 3 points per maiden

  • -20 points for conceding 50 plus runs (for 0 wickets)


  • 10 points per catch

  • 20 points per run out

  • 15 points per stumping

Transfers and Captain Changes

  • Managers may alter their teams at any point during the Season. A total of 1 free transfer is available each week and additional transfers are permitted, but will incur a cost of 20 points per transfer. When a captain is transferred out of a team, the team will be without a captain and a new one should be selected.

  • Transfers and captain changes may be submitted at any time but will not take effect until the following game week.

  • Transfers are free and unlimited up until midday on your season start date.

  • Team managers will be able to play one transfer wildcard per season, which will allow them to make free, unlimited transfers for one week only.


  • There can be only one team entered per registered user account.

  • Each team shall have a value of no more than £55m.

  • Managers may enter a team at any point during the season although teams must be submitted before the season starts in order to score points for the first game week. Thereafter, entries will start scoring points from the game week after they were entered and points will not be backdated.